I help individuals one on one, set up classes and give individualized help via personal messaging, facetime, direct messaging, email or via cell phone (once a relationship has been established).
Helping people one on one


One on one is as simple as getting together for a coffee or online and discussing health challenges. Many people are looking for help in their own lives or for those people in their family. We can help you with wholesale or retail solutions. Who wants to pay more? Most of our people opt for the online/wholesale solution and become members with doTERRA.

You love the results and want to share!


It's natural to want to share your improved health with your friends and family! So we can set you up to share and at the same time doTERRA will offer you free products, bonus points (to exchange for more free product). doTERRA shares their profits with you when you sign up as a Wellness Advocate who successfully shares with others.

All of the above and make $$ too!


I've been using doTERRA products since the Fall of 2013 and I started by discovering what they could do for me: I am rescued from insomnia and bladder infections to name a few issues. So I shared and shared and I started to receive checks from the company.  Now I teach and am developing leadership skills to enable others to do the same. 

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